Monday, 27 November 2017

Oars - some maintenance

 The oars don't get much use but are showing some signs of wear. The nailed leather was not great, the nails would mark/rub on the gunwales and also water could get in where the nail entered and rot could set in. A better solution is to stitch a piece of leather in place.

I marked the holes out on the inside surface of the leather and used a nail to make a hole, also from the inside. Using two curved needles made things easier and trying to keep the thread tight as I put in each stitch. I bought 2.5 mm thick leather and 1mm waxed thread. Some people add a shoulder to stop the oar sliding off the rowlocks. However, the leather is 12 inches long, while the previous pieces were only 7 inches long. If a shoulder is needed, then I'll look at using a "Turks Head" knot.

The ends of the oars were sanded back before a layer of West Epoxy was added and finished with a second layer of epoxy with some glass fibre tissue.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Keeping the Drips Off

The weather was just good enough so it was possible to get a couple of coats of Deks Olje D2 onto the gunwales. The mizzen support was quite easy to remove, only 4 bolts and this was stripped, before Deks D1 and 2 was used. It also gave the opportunity to clean old varnish off the deck, which had accumilated around the recess in the moulding.

During this year the varnish on the mast where the gaff jaws rubbed had worn quite badly. There didn't seem a problem at the lower two places, when the reefs are in. The varnish in the worn area was removed and an area masked off. An intial coat of West Epoxy was allowed to cure, before a second coat was added with a layer of glassfibre tissue. This was finally rubbed smooth with some fine glasspaper before several coats of Deks D2. How successful this will be, only time will tell.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Boat Bling

For some time now, the "closed" style fair leads have proved frustrating, as this means the mooring lines need to be thread through, rather than being "dropped in". One solution is to cut a slot in the existing fair lead. Another option, is to buy some purpose made fair leads. These are pure "Boat Bling"!

I was tempted during a recent visit to Honnor Marine in Rochdale to collect a replacement rudder. Both purchases could be classified as "cosmetic", the existing rudder was going rusty and required continually painting, while the fair leads looked fantastic on a new Scaffie. These new fair leads are angled and are ideal for being located on the bow, while the modified ones will be used on the stern. Time will tell if these are a success. However, they do look "nice".

The black plastic fair leads are not used for mooring but hold the anchor in place.

Owatrol Oil

This is manufactured by the same company that produces Deks Olje. It is an oil that can be used on wood but its made purpose is to protect and inhibit the spread of rust. Once dry it can be painted on top of. Seems ideal for trailer parts, centreboards, rudders and winches, which is where I used it. It dries to a glossy/varnish appearance.

Initially cleaning any loose rust with a wire brush, then two coats of the oil was applied, before a final coat of Hammerite.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Norfolk Broads - a few more days

The railway swing bridge at Somerleyton. Call on VHF ch12 to request it to be opened, this also applies to the bridge at Reedham.

Heading north along Haddiscoe New Cut

Entering Surlingham Broad

Moored at Somerleyton

Norfolk Broads Rally

Nine boats launched at the Waveney River Centre, who were very welcoming and helpful. There are toilets, showers, as well as a shop and pub/restaurant. The slip was easy to use, but with only just enough space to reverse and line up a Coaster when launching. When we came to take the boats out it was low tide and the slip was then only just long enough, as well as being slippery.

Heading - slowly - along the River Waveney, towards Beccles. It is necessary to drop the mast at Beccles to get under the road bridge, however there are limited opportunities to raise the mast again once under the bridge.

Moored at Geldeston Lock, which is the limit of navigation. There is also a pub here serving food as well as beer.

There are two bridges at Beccles, the second one (as you head upstream) is very low at high tide and there was only just enough space for a Coaster with a lowered mast.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Ullswater Rally

The weather cooperated and 12 boats had a enjoyable weekend based at Ullswater Yacht Club.

The weekend started with "Fish n Chips" and then on Saturday we sailed down to Aira Point, with 30/50 fruit cake once back at the club . The evening for some was spent with some club members participating in a Greek themed evening, while others headed for the pub in Pooley Bridge. Sunday dawned to good sunshine and the fleet splitting into two, either up to Pooley Bridge or down to Glenridding. While those who stayed onto Monday were greeted with no wind and light rain.