Thursday, 17 August 2017

Trailer Modifications

The bulk of the weight of the boat is held on three rollers along the keel. The centre one takes much of the load, as well as having the centre board resting on it while trailing. It therefore takes quite a battering.

Looking at some other trailers I noticed some had a double roller in the centre. So the front roller was moved back to the centre, to spread the load. While a new roller was added to the front. The small strip of metal under the bolt on the front roller provides some fine adjustment for its height. Time will tell if the weight of the boat is evenly spread across all the rollers.



Wednesday, 16 August 2017


A few days on the Scottish East Coast, included a cycle ride to Stonehaven, where we found 10 Drascombes in the harbour and another on a driveway. I've seen fewer at a DA rally! All looked in excellent condition and were clearly used. There was a slip in the harbour which could have been used, as well as another off the beach used by the local sailing club.

Heading south from Stonehaven you will come to the harbours at Gourdon and Johnshaven, both have good slips, I would estimate they could be used for the top half of the tide only.

Saturday, 5 August 2017


We launched at Inishnee, opposite Roundstone, which is about an hours drive from Galway. There was a regatta for the local fleet of Galway Hookers here and is where we met up with some local Drascombes before heading out to the Aran Islands.

On the way to the Aran's we stopped at St. Macdara's Island to look at an ancient chapel. St. Macdara is the patron saint for the Galway Hookers and the boats dip their sails as they pass the island.

The pontoons in Kilronan harbour on Inishmore had been installed for an offshore yacht race and made for easy mooring. While on the island we visited DĂșn Aonghasa, which is a Bronze Age fort built on the cliff edge.


We returned to the mainland and stayed at Galway Bay Sailing Club, tied against wall we had to manage at tidal range of over 4 metres, which meant the boats dried out at low tide. With the weather forecast looking unsettled, we launched the boats on Loch Ree and headed down the River Shannon to Loch Derg.
It is possible to buy a Navigational Guide for 12 Euros, which proved invaluable. Along the way we met several other Drascombe sailors, including the lock keeper at Athlone, who kept a Lugger on Loch Ree.

One evening we stayed next to the monastery at Clonmacnoise, which was founded in 544 and finally destroyed by British soldiers in 1552.

All the harbours we visited we in excellent condition, as well as being free, most also had a slipway. We finally took the boats out at Mountshannon.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Coniston Rally 2017

An enjoyable weekend, with seventeen boats and a 30/50 celebration cake. A little breezy on the Saturday and then some light rain for the BBQ. However, Sunday turned out to be a perfect day.